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2 Days Studio Lighting Workshop

2 Days Studio Lighting Workshop

Weekend – Sat & Sunday – 16th & 17th September

Lighting Setup | Studio Practicals | Product Shoot | Portrait Shoot

Only 4 participants per batch – Individual Lighting Practice Sessions

One of the most important elements of creativity in photography, light is what allows us to convey information and, more importantly, emotion in an image. Once you understand light, you’ll have the knowledge to create a wide variety of creative images.


a) Lighting
b) Studio Setup
c) Types of Light – Hard Light & Soft Light
d) Preparation of camera and lens

Studio Practical

a) Familiarize yourself with studio lights.
b) Overview of light diffusers, soft-boxes and other equipment used in the studio.

c) The differences between hard and soft light.
d) 1 light source.
e) 2 and more light sources.
f) Shoot in studio by mentor to demonstrate various kinds of lighting.
g) Shoot by participants.
h) Two professional shoots – One product & One Portrait Shoot.

Fees – Rs 6,000 + 18 % GST

Note – You should have your own camera and have basic knowledge of photography.

Certificate will be given on completion.

For more information :-

Phone: +91 9311146928

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