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Podcast Studio

Dedicated studio space to record high-quality podcasts, and shoot videos with different color backdrops.

Camera Recording in the House


Premium equipment. Plug and play simplicity. Customisable lighting. Our podcast studio is ideal for recording your first podcast — or your fortieth. The hardest part of starting a podcast is now coming up with a great idea.

A young man in a recording studio


Creators, podcasters or anyone looking to professionally record, shoot, and create content.

  • Our studio is approximately 10 ft X 20 ft

  • Perfect for solo sessions or interviews.

  • A quiet space to record and interview

  • Chairs and mics for up to 3-4 people.

  • Green Room & Bathroom.

Monthly Podcast Membership

Record your Podcast at Street Life Studios, Hauz Khas Village
We can help you grow with technical and creative support.

Orange and Black Simple Photo Podcast Cover.jpg

Monthly Membership Package

4 Recordings monthly with audio/video at

Rs 30,000 for 4 individuals only.

1. Three hours per session

2. Two camera set up - 2 Mics Audio
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